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Radient Pharmaceuticals Corp. (RPC) is “One to Watch”

Radient Pharmaceuticals Corp. is dedicated to discovering, developing and commercializing unique high-value diagnostic tests that help physicians answer important clinical questions related to early disease-state detection, treatment strategy and the monitoring of disease progression or recurrence. The company has recruited an exceptionally tenured team; developed a strong product portfolio in segments with significant market demand; and implemented a solid business strategy.

Currently, Pharmaceuticals is primarily saving lives and money for patients and global healthcare systems through the deployment of its FDA-cleared In Vitro Diagnostic Onko-Sure® Test Kits. Onko-Sure™ is a simple, non-invasive blood test used for the detection and/or monitoring of 14 different types of cancers. The company is committed to expanding the reach of the Onko-Sure cancer test to every person on the planet.

Through its subsidiary Jade Pharmaceuticals., Radient Pharmaceuticals also manufactures and distributes generic and homeopathic pharmaceutical products, nutritional supplements and cosmetic products. The executive management team aims to monetize the subsidiary through the combination of strategic partnerships which are already in discussion; the sale of this asset; and/or through an Asia-based IPO on an Asian market by FY2011.

Focused on building an industry-leading, profitable, and growth-oriented company, Radient Pharmaceuticals is well-positioned to address the ever changing demands of the healthcare industry. The company’s stated commitment is to deliver a return to the employees, partners and shareholders who believe in, and support, its daily efforts.

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