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Quadrant 4 Systems Corp. (QFOR) Has a Uniquely Focused Plan

Quadrant 4 Systems is essentially a group of very experienced IT and business professionals that have joined forces for a very specific goal: To acquire key IT assets to meet the needs of targeted industries, and scale up revenue and market capitalization through organic growth and movement into new markets. The company is led by the experience of its principals, who have a successful record of building technology business enterprises from startup, growing the businesses and shareholder value organically and through acquiring, reorganizing and integrating existing operations.

The team now plans to build company assets and then target companies in the financial services, health care, and telecom sectors, providing them with IT consulting as well as industry-specific software products and technology. In particular, the company is acquiring IT assets of up to 100M, including client interfacing consulting and offshore delivery capability, aimed at delivering 10% EBIT. As they grow, acquisitions will become more selective. Eventually the portfolio will be structured to distinct industry verticals, with growing competence in horizontals such as infrastructure management, identity management, product engineering, business intelligence, Internet security, enterprise mobility, business and knowledge process outsourcing.

The company considers their consolidation platform as being unique, in as much as it seeks to build integrated value in a phased manner, providing liquidity and a valuation mechanism that lets its participants move from staffing and consulting up to projects and partnerships. The consolidations are designed to create and build intellectual property and multiple revenue streams.

Quadrant 4 Systems has already identified a number of targets, and is in active dialogue. In March of 2011, the company obtained, through acquisition, business intelligence and enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities involving Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP technologies. Revenues have grown steadily over the past three years, and are on track to continue their growth. According to a recent report by Taglich Brothers, revenues are projected to grow at an annual rate of approximately 8%, barring additional acquisitions. It’s all part of the plan.

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