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Purebase Corp. (PUBC) Taking an Environmentally-Friendly Approach to Mining Operations

Purebase Corp. is engaged in the acquisition, development and marketing of industrial natural mineral properties in California and Nevada. Typical examples of these industrial and agricultural minerals include potassium, sulphates, pozzolans, limestone, silica sands, gravel, diatomite, clays, barite, gypsum, zeolites, pumice and talc. These resources are found in thousands of products around the world, and, in many cases, their value can’t be replicated with any other material.

What sets Purebase apart in the competitive industry, however, isn’t its ability to mine these minerals; it’s the company’s people. With access to years of experience in everything from mining and manufacturing to agronomy and construction, Purebase is capable of applying techniques and unique product solutions that can be expanded to properties around the planet, creating a mining solution that’s both economically viable and environmentally responsible.

In particular, the company’s two pozzolan projects, one in Northern California and one in Southern California, serve the continually developing areas’ agricultural and construction sectors without degrading the environment. This is accomplished by selecting properties that are both exceptionally shallow and naturally occurring. By rehabilitating the land with overburden soil and native vegetation as it is mined, the company minimizes the environmental impact of mining procedures. Purebase operates a 2,500-acre potassium-sulfur mining property in the Mount Diablo Meridian area of Nevada in a similar manner.

“The global market of feeding the world is becoming more difficult with each passing year,” stated Scott Dockter, Chief Executive Officer of Purebase. “Natural, effective, economical, non-chemical solutions are required to solve these problems – and that’s where Purebase can lead the market with our natural products.”

For Purebase, minimizing environmental impact goes beyond the operation of ecologically friendly mines; it’s built into the company’s DNA. For example, its pozzolan production provides Supplementary Cementitious Material that’s an environmentally superior, lower cost alternative to traditional Portland cement.

On average, the CO2 emission from concrete production is approximately 900 kilograms for every ton of cement. These negative external byproducts are then released into the atmosphere, presenting a significant global challenge when it comes to reducing the substantial environmental impact of construction. Purebase pozzolan blended cement, however, lowers the CO2 emissions released during Portland cement production without causing negative effects on the quality of the final product. In other words, Purebase is helping the construction industry produce a superior concrete in terms of both cost and environmental impact, and it has plans for a similar positive impact on other industries.

The company’s growth plan revolves around the exploration of additional mining opportunities, as well as encouraging the retention and motivation of successful employees. Though Purebase is primarily focused on properties in the USA, it has also left the door open for potential international expansion if the opportunity should arise in the future.

As Purebase continues to expand, look for the company to make significant strides in growing its foothold in the natural mineral mining industry. While it may be rare to hear the phrase ‘environmentally-friendly’ in the same sentence as ‘mining’, this rapidly expanding company is working to change that. With Purebase continuing to grow its operations, the coming months look to be an exciting time for both investors and shareholders of the company.

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