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PURE Bioscience (PURE) Reports $144M Deal and Exclusive Middle East Distribution Channel for IV-7 Water Treatment

PURE Bioscience, – developers of technology-based bioscience products for a variety of global health challenges, like the patented antimicrobial silver dihydrogen citrate (SDC), issued a quarterly investor call yesterday in which the Company disclosed a major contractual agreement between its sales agent, Richmont Sciences and Dubai-based High Scope Trading LLC.

The commitment by High Scope is projected to exceed $144M in orders over 10 years and should initially consist primarily of the revolutionary IV-7 Water Treatment™ product, which utilizes PURE’s SDC technology (ionic silver stabilized in citric acid).

Only two ounces of IV-7 Water Treatment per 200 gallons can produce safe, drinkable water in minutes, with no odor or taste; substantially reducing gastrointestinal illness rates and bearing no toxic or environmentally pollutive byproducts.

Management at PURE is projecting that High Scope will deal directly with the Company in future and hence is reassigning the agreement to PURE, after which time Richmont will function as sales agent on the PURE/High Scope transactions, as well as the sanitizer and commercial disinfectant programs.

President and CEO of PURE, Michael L. Krall, said this deal opens the door to not only the ongoing revenue, but also exclusive distribution in the Middle East.

First year minimum from High Scope is $9M, with annual minimums increasing to over $21M by year ten, and while not guaranteed, the figures represent realistic projections and accompany exclusive access to a key market.

Krall noted the buzz generated by the IV-7 Water Treatment program and foresees amazing growth potential from this segment over the next several years.

Chairman of Richmont, John Rochon, explained Richmont’s multi-faceted approach to global distribution of the lifesaving IV-7 product and cited the significance of progress in the Middle East as an important step towards the goal of maximizing the quality of life impact.

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