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PROLOR Biotech Inc. (PBTH) Continues to Find Success with Peptide Technology

Add on technology has always been a solid way to make a nice little profit. All one really needs to see is Apple’s technology and product base, and other companies’ ability to add on to them, to get the idea of how it works. As biotech continues its drive forward, this is an increasing trend for all the new drugs being introduced as well. Finding a company that can make this happen is a bit more difficult with patent lawyers swarming, but these companies can be found and large profits will be made.

PROLOR Biotech Inc., a development stage biotechnology company, works to develop proprietary versions of therapeutic proteins. The company operates from Israel and is currently working in several areas where these proteins have the ability to be thought of as longer lasting in nature.

The company’s technology is currently in phase II trials and is more commonly referred to in scientific circles as Carboxyl Terminal Peptide technology. The technology stabilizes the peptide in the bloodstream without increasing toxicity. In the end, the product extends the life of the protein enabling the patient to take less of the product without loss of the overall effect. In a practical sense, this means that a patient might need to take a medication twice per month instead of every day. At present the company is working in areas such as Human Growth Hormone, kidney failure, chemotherapy, and where surgery may suggest extensive blood loss.

The general fact that this line of research is directed at markets worth in excess of $25 billion has not been lost on institutional investors. The company’s work with Human Growth Hormones has also not gone unnoticed with the State of Israel continuing to fund work as the company proceeds through trials toward market. What is particularly interesting is that the products that will host these proteins have already been approved by the EU and have a solid marketing arm in the presentence of Pharmaceutical giant MERK & Co. Although there are always roadblocks with these sorts of products, PROLOR Biotech looks to be on the edge of an exceedingly large market where few if any other companies are working. It also appears from a cursory look that development is proceeding quickly and to expectation.

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