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Pressure Biosciences, Inc. (PBIO) Up Almost 8% after Increased interest from Investors Who Attended the Red Chip Conference

At the Red Chip conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, Pressure Biosciences Inc. CEO Richard Schumacher spoke to investors along with 30 other companies. He discussed the unique opportunity that his company has. Mr. Schumacher started the company in his garage when it was then named ‘Biomedica.’ The company recently changed its name to Pressure Biosciences and focuses exclusively on Pressure Testing sciences. They also went from trading on the OTC exchange to the NASDAQ.

In the conference, he stated that Pressure technology, patented by them, has a number of uses including Inactivation of Pathogens, Food Safety, Immunologistics, Protein Purification, Control of Chemical Reactions and Genomic/Proteometic Sample Preparation.

The market for its initial products is huge. Mr. Schumacher stated that there are over 390,000 researchers in 80,000 labs. The company has set a goal to capture 5% of this market share or about 4000 instruments in the next 5 years. They intend to do this through their recently enlarged sales staff that is experienced in the medical product sales field.

He also commented on the strong financial position the company is in. The current Book Value is $3.78 and the company trades at $5.64 a share. In two years, the company has gone from Idea to commercialization. They also have a number of well-publicized research breakthroughs giving their product excellent exposure. They offer investors an exceptional opportunity to get into a burgeoning Medical products industry with a breakthrough technology.

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