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Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (PBIO) ProteoSolve-LRS Technology Plays Significant Role in Identyfing Potential Biomarkers in Cancer

Pressure BioSciences announced this morning that the scientists at New York University reported that the Company’s award winning technology, the ProteoSolve-LRS, had a large part in identifying potential biomarkers in breast and colon cancer tissue. The results were presented at the LC-MS Course and Symposium, Robinson College, Cambridge, England by Dr. Paul Pevsner of the NYU School of Medicine Department of Pharmacology.

The ProteoSolve-LRS was recently released by the company to provide a solution for the detergent-free removal of proteins from lipid-rich tissues as well as other tissues. The study of proteins could lead to a better understanding of many disease states such as cancer. To be effectively studied, protiens have to be extracted from the cells and tissues they reside in.

Currently, there are multiple technical issues that hinder the removal of proteins, especially those rich in lipids. These challenges could be hindering great discoveries that might lead to new therapeutics and diagnostics. Pressure BioSciences believes that its ProteoSolve-LRS method, combined with its pressure cycling technology, will open the door for proteomics researchers to achieve more rapid, more reproducible, and higher quality protein extraction results when compared to other conventional methods.

The principle investigator for the research studies, Dr. Paul H. Pevsner, stated, “Our studies showed that the combination of cycled high pressure (PCT) with the ProteoSolve-LRS kit, used in conjunction with other instrumentation in our laboratory, allowed us to identify potential biomarkers of breast and colon cancer. This is a significant finding, since these potential biomarkers may prove to be important indicators of disease detection and progression. It is possible that these findings may alter the current paradigm of histopathology tissue diagnosis for tumors. In the future, examination of biopsy tissue may require not only histopathology, but also mass spectrometry for complete diagnosis.”

He continued to add, “The combination of PCT and ProteoSolve-LRS is particularly suited for the study of the small, often nano-quantities of samples that are usually available for proteomic studies. The combination of this method with mass spectrometry instrumentation may become a method of choice for bio-molecular identification, not just in cancer, but in neurological and coronary diseases as well.”

Previously announced last month, Frost and Sullivan gave Pressure BioSciences the “2007 North American Frost and Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation.” The Award recognized PBI for “the development of a method for the detergent-free extraction of proteins from lipid-rich tissues. This novel approach combines the power of the Company’s pressure cycling technology (PCT) with the innovative chemistry of its ProteoSolve-LRS kit, resulting in higher protein recovery, enhanced reproducibility, and significant advantages in speed and handling.”

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