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Pressure Biosciences Inc. (PBIO) Holds Key to Future Biotechnology Business

There are five compelling reasons to invest in this stock.

1. The company has used funds to develop a technology of path-breaking importance in all fields of biotechnology. Every laboratory involved in this sector needs to be able to break and reassemble genetic strands rapidly. This company achieves this through a portable device that works simply on hydrostatics.
2. European Union regulators have approved of the device. The management has also secured international certification that their product meets safety standards. Investors can look forward to this Massachusetts based business earning in Euros. The National Institutes of Health have funded research by the company, so approval by US regulators could be imminent as well.
3. The management has earned a Gross Margin of over 78% over the last four quarters, and sales during the last quarter are 50% higher than the comparable period a year ago: it is clear that highly profitable and rapid business growth hide beneath the current stock value.
4. The management has built a wide and deep technical moat around their extraordinary product. They supply a meter to measure rapid changes in pressure, the most important consumables required for laboratory work using their device, and a comprehensive maintenance contract for customers that includes real-time telephone support.

Ask every biotechnologist you know, and you will find consensus that rapid pressure cycling holds the key to bringing new discoveries from genetics and biochemistry to market. There are no guarantees in stock investment, but it does seem to be an incredible opportunity for the stock market to have closed on February 05 2008 with this security quoted at less than $5 a unit!

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