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Pressure BioSciences, Inc.’s (PBIO) Technology Trumps Standard Bone DNA Extraction Methods

Using its new, patented technique called Pressure Cycling Technology (PCT), Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: PBIO) provides a safer, easier and more efficient method for DNA extraction from bone fragments than alternative methods.

Usual methods for the extraction of DNA require pulverization because of the hardness of the bone. It is a time-consuming, open process that carries with it the risk of cross-contamination because the equipment is re-used for each procedure. Additionally, some methods use harsh chemicals, chaotropic agents and silica beads for decalcification.

Pressure BioSciences’ technology eliminates the need for pulverization and harsh chemicals normally required, strengthening its appeal in the healthcare industry. The secret is in PCT which uses alternating cycles of high and low pressures to induce cell lysis, or the “death” of a cell for analysis.

The extracted tissues are placed in PULSE Tubes, undergoing alternating pressure cycles in a device called the Barocycler. The Barocycler is temperature controlled, reducing the risk for exposure or cross contamination.

According to a recent study released by Pressure BioSciences, PCT is essential to obtain DNA from bone if pulverization is not conducted. The data also shows that more DNA is released with PCT than with decalcification without PCT. The system allows forensic scientists to extract DNA in two to four hours, whereas standard methods often take 24 or more hours to complete.

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