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Premier Exhibitions Inc. (PRXI) Has a Novel Business Model

Small capital corporations can display strategic insights that their much larger kin often lack. This appears to be a business management lesson from an Atlanta, GA member of the low-profile Transportation Sector.

This company exhibits the business values of creativity when this permeates all layers and branches of an organization. It is involved in mobile exhibitions of the SS Titanic and her disastrous maiden voyage.

Mobile exhibitions of rare artifacts have enduring consumer benefits even in this electronic age. The Titanic story has had sustained public interest for decades. It is an excellent idea for the rather drab Miscellaneous Transportation Industry to conceive of such an unusual business model.

The management has been creative in generating multiple revenues from its focused mobile exhibition platform. It earns valuable cash flows from licensing, sponsorship, and merchandise sales, apart from selling tickets to its shows. The management has recently acquired a specialist company from Florida which merchandises entertainment events and activities.

Creative strategy formulation and execution excellence have resulted in spectacular results for this stock. Most Recent Quarterly revenues have rocketed by 72%. The Net Profit Margin has topped 20% over the last four quarters. Return on Average Equity has touched nearly 31% during this period. The third week of May 2008 has seen a stock price that takes the Price to Earnings Ratio below 13.

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