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Powerwave Technologies Inc. (PWAV) Wins First and Second Place 2011 CTIA E-Tech Awards for Wireless Infrastructure

Powerwave Technologies, – the global provider of advanced enterprise- and commercial-class wireless network infrastructure, is reported today, Mar. 24, as having crushed the competition at this year’s CTIA E-Tech Awards in the Infrastructure: In-Building/WiFi/LAN category, with the 4G MIMO Active Array Antenna taking first place and the Powerwave LTE Picocell taking second.

This was almost a shutout for PWAV, whose products made quite a splash with attendees and judges alike, surpassing ten other finalists in the enterprise infrastructure category and sending home top names like Ericsson, Nokia Siemens and Huawei. Winners were originally announced two days ago in a ceremony hosted by CNBC tech correspondent and Silicon Valley insider, Jon Fortt, who is widely known and trusted for his coverage of the tech sector.

A veritable Mecca for innovation in wireless technology, the CTIA E-Tech Awards program brings the very best in emerging products and services designed for enterprise, application, network technology and consumer markets to the public each year.

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Long Term Evolution standard, or simply LTE, is a recent mobile network technology tree development and registered trademark of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute.

Let’s take a closer look at these two award-winning products:

• 4G MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) Active Array Antenna – fuses together many of PWAV’s industry-leading remote radio head, antenna, software-defined radio and tunable filtering technologies into one tightly integrated package usable for 3G and 4G LTE technologies. The remarkable design features an antenna which effectively doubles the base station radius, yet reduces power consumption by 40%. The cost savings and usability benefits of this system, which marries exceptional performance and quality with drastically reduced operational costs, is an ideal long sought by network providers

• Powerwave LTE Picocell – a cleverly engineered broadband LTE sandwiched together with a powerful Wi-Fi component into a single base station that propagates for up to 100 active outdoor users, 32 active indoor users and up to 1k registered users. Full 4G frequency support from 700MHz to 2.7GHz with a 2×2 MIMO antenna for maximum capacity means up to 15 times greater capacity, giving the product end-run capability over standard macro cell roll outs for high demand areas. With indoor and outdoor models to cover the entire usage profile, the Powerwave LTE Picocell is an essential component of the underlying infrastructure necessary to create a ubiquitous multi-megabyte environment for the end user, which is accessible at any time and in any place

CEO of PWAV, Ronald J. Buschur, called this selection of two of the Company’s leading 4G products by the esteemed CTIA panel, which draws on the top minds and key players in the sector, a solid endorsement for PWAV’s technologies injected directly into the heart of the thriving carrier market. Buschur underscored the portfolio of PWAV products and services as representing the “technologically advanced network infrastructure needed to quickly and economically roll out new services that enable users to take full advantage of new data-intensive mobile devices and applications.”

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