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PowerSecure International, Inc. (POWR) Announces Strong Marketplace Adoption for New Family of LED-based Street Lights

PowerSecure International, Inc., a leading provider for energy and smart grid solutions, recently announced that its new LED-based streetlights are seeing a strong adoption by utilities and municipalities in the marketplace. Over 30 electric utilities and municipalities have purchased PowerSecure’s new area light called “SecureLiteTM” in the past several months. SecureLite provides energy efficient,
environmentally friendly, and a low maintenance alternative to the average 100-watt HID lighting.

SecureLight provides a 67% reduction in energy usage in comparison to the traditional High Pressure Sodium area light, extending the lighting life by approximately 12 years and providing more reliability for reduced utility maintenance costs. The light has even been said to deliver 30+ years of service life, with the ability to replace the LED’s in the unit. SecureLite is engineered to deliver a better quality light with greater visibility, minimized light pollution, and is Dark Sky compliant. The company uses SecureLite to enhance its breakthrough dusk-to-dawn control technology to maximize efficiency and reliability.

The company also announced the introduction of two new LED-based streetlights to the market, including replacements for the 250 and 400 watt HID street lighting. The lights, called “PowerLitesTM”, incorporate the same components of SecureLite, as it is designed to deliver utilities and municipalities with efficient, environmentally friendly, and maintenance free benefits for higher wattage usage.

Sidney Hinton, CEO of PowerSecure, said, “We are excited about the pickup we are seeing in our new SecureLite area light product. The light is demonstrating strong appeal from utilities and municipalities due to the returns on investment it can deliver them through reductions in energy and maintenance cost. Importantly, we are receiving very positive feedback about the quality of light it delivers, and the ease with which it can be installed. On the heels of this initial success, we are very excited to introduce our new PowerLite products to the market, which are designed to deliver the same high-quality, high-efficiency, low-maintenance solutions to our utility partners for higher wattage applications.”

PoweSecure International, Inc. provides Energy and Smart Grid solutions to electric utilities, providing products and services in the area of Energy Efficiency, Interactive Distributed Generation, and Utility Infrastructure. The company’s Energy Efficiency department provides its customers with the most energy efficient lighting technologies available in the market that improve the quality of light, including its proprietary EfficientLights® LED lighting products that are used in various grocery, drug, and convenience stores.

The company’s Energy and Smart Grid Solutions segment focuses on Interactive Distributed Generation power systems, smart grid monitoring for electric utilities, peak shaving and demand response, standby power dispatch and control, and switchgear products and systems under the NexGear brand name. This particular segment also provides its customers with utility infrastructure products and services, which includes transmission and distribution system construction and maintenance under the UtilityServices brand name. The company, which was formerly known as Metretek Technologies, Inc., changed its name to PowerSecure International, Inc. in August of 2007. The company was founded in 1991 and is based in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

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