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PowerSecure International, Inc.’s (POWR) EfficientLights Expect 2009 Revenue for Refrigerated Case Lighting to Reach $20 Million

PowerSecure International, Inc., a leading provider of energy and smart grid solutions, recently announced that its EfficientLights refrigerated case lighting is being installed by major retailers, and the company expects revenues to reach $20 million for 2009, a growth rate of 650 percent over 2008.

Over 100,000 EfficientLights fixtures have been installed year-to-date by major grocery, drug, and convenience store chains. PowerSecure’s EfficientLights reduce lighting energy costs by approximately 70%, decrease maintenance expenses and eliminate mercury-containing fluorescent lights.

Bryan Beatenbough, president of EfficientLights, commented, “Our lights are built to deliver consistent, high-quality light over the long haul. An important element of our success, recognized by leading retailers adopting our technology, is that our EfficientLights lighting utilizes ‘high-powered’ LED technology to deliver more efficient light output.”

He continued, “This is in sharp contrast to substandard lighting, which misuses ‘low-powered’ LEDs, which are not designed for the demands of continuous, customer-facing lighting applications. We engineer our EfficientLights product to provide 10 years of consistent, dependable quality light – and the unmatched combination of quality and efficiency we build into every fixture is why we are the leader in the marketplace.”

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