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Plant Health Care Inc. (PLHCF) Working to Grow its Soy Business with “N-Hibit” Seed Treatment Product

The world’s population is quickly coming to terms with how we treat the planet and how that treatment affects us personally. Many are increasingly seeking-out natural ways to go about their daily activities. What they eat is one such way. Naturally grown food is finding great favor, not only for a healthier food product, but for the better yields it can supply. Investors that can find a well run company, working to support a healthier personal/earth lifestyle, are investors that will likely find solid profits.

Plant Health Care Inc., an agricultural products manufacturer and distributor, works to manufacture and distribute natural fertilizer type products that enhance crop growth and/or reduce pests above and below ground. The company offers products to both the commercial grower/farmer and commercial home landscaper markets.

The company’s products work with a natural protein called Harpin. The protein triggers a plant’s natural growth and self defense mechanism causing quicker and more robust growth. The protein can also extend post harvest life. In development, the company is working to further enhance its product offerings with a crop seed treatment. This treatment works to aide and restore the root/naturally occurring fungi relationship, causing better moisture uptake. Although each type of crop and variation within that type of crop is different, the company likely has a specific product for it.

Recently signing a contract with the Chinese government, the company is poised for solid growth. It will supply product to Beijing PHC for arbornursury, flouroculture and sport turf markets in 11 provinces around Beijing. The central government indicates that it plans to continue its $61 billion greening project throughout the country as conditions permit. Generally speaking, this 5 year renewable contract is an opportunity for the company that could lead to solid growth. The world’s need for increased food supply, and continuing recognition of the health benefits of naturally grown food, can only enhance Plant Health Care’s prospects going forward.

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