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Passive Hypodermic Safety Syringe Introduced by MedPro Safety Products Inc. (MPSP)

MedPro Safety Products Inc. is a leading developer of safer medication delivery and blood collection systems. The company’s injection and infusion products incorporate needlestick prevention features considered to be the most passive now available on the market as they require little or no clinical training as compared to competitive products.

The company today announced the introduction of its hypodermic safety syringe. The device incorporates a proprietary safety shield that is automatically released during the administration of medicine, covering the needle as it is removed, and thereby enhancing the safety of both the patient and the health practitioner.

MedPro’s passive (automatic) hypodermic safety syringe provides unique features and benefits. The safety mechanism is integrated into the syringe and is activated through the normal process of medication delivery. The shield is automatically deployed over the contaminated needle, reducing the chances of a needlestick injury. It also prevents recapping, removal and reuse of the syringe with the engagement of its auto-diable feature and reduces the chance of blood or drug splatter.

The automatic hypodermic safety syringe is the latest product in the company’s efforts to expand its patented safety technology across a broad range of sectors. MedPro is currently in discussions with several potential partners to explore the commercialization of the hypodermic safety syringe. For more information on MedPro Safety Products, please visit its website at

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