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Pantera Petroleum Inc. (PTPE) Moving Forward with West Texas Wells, Readying for Bolivia Exploration Program

Today’s energy markets require flexibility and speed. If a company is not looking down the road a bit they will be a bit late in finding their next big payday. Presently, South America is down the road for many oil and gas explorers as many drive to begin drilling. An investor that would like to live on the oil and gas exploration edge is an investor that may come home with a sizable profit.

Pantera Petroleum Inc., an oil and gas exploration and development company, works to exploit oil and gas properties in North and South America. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with affiliated operations in Pecos and Midland Texas. Currently, the company is working projects in Texas USA, Paraguay and Bolivia.

Although the company has vast experience in its work force, it is a fairly young company. This, however, has not hampered its new/old reentry wells in Texas. It has several leases and various ownership positions. History is the company’s primary driver at the moment as it assesses past production levels of wells it is reopening. Major oil concerns are located adjacent to the company’s sites and have been finding great successes – making the chances of company successes solid by association. Although the company is essentially just getting started with its Texas properties, it isn’t sitting still and being complacent about its exploration efforts. South America has, in recent times, become a magnet for oil and gas exploration companies. Pantera Petroleum is no exception and has been attracted to the opportunities available. In this regard, the company has gained rights to over 4 million acres of unexplored oil and gas territory in Paraguay and Bolivia.

As the number of oil and gas exploration companies multiplies to take advantage of current price moves, many companies are just now beginning to move farther afield with their exploration activities. Most are involved with exploration but many are gearing up for production. Pantera Petroleum is readying itself to join this group. It may be a step or so behind the main pack of oil and gas explorers but it has a very large region to work with as it goes about exploring its rights to 4 million acres. Pantera Petroleum may have been late to the table, but it is certainly eating healthily on its Texas properties while considering the possibility of South America for dessert.

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