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ORBCOMM Inc. (ORBC) and Savi Technology Form Strategic Partnership

ORBCOMM and Savi Technology, a leading provider of sensor-based analytics and radio-frequency identification (RFID) solutions, announced a strategic partnership to provide advanced location-based monitoring solutions to both government and commercial markets.

Savi and ORBCOMM partnered together through a proposal written in response to the U.S. Army RFID IV project, which will provide both ISO18000-7 RFID tags and a suite of satellite solutions for military logistics support. ORBCOMM’s GlobalTrak division has been a key player in providing military Enhanced-In-Transit-Visibility (EITV) solutions to the government arena since 2008, and Savi has been the de facto market leader in military RFID solutions, enabling the two companies to combine and offer their vast market experience with the blending of technology platforms through their proposal.

“The combination of ORBCOMM’s satellite expertise and broad network service portfolio with Savi’s state-of-the-art RFID technology offers a full spectrum of innovative monitoring solutions to our collective market base with focus on our government and international customers,” commented Chief Executive Officer of ORBCOMM, Marc Eisenberg. “Although RFID and satellite tracking have traditionally been divergent technologies, the synergy of these solutions within a common operating environment creates a seamless transition from infrastructure to wireless-based location services for tracking and monitoring high-value assets.”

“By bringing two market leaders with highly complementary technologies together, we have created a best-of-breed solution for our customers in both government and commercial markets,” stated Chief Executive Officer of Savi Technology, Bill Clark. “This relationship will support Savi’s operational analytics capabilities by providing additional ways to collect critical data and deliver timely and reliable operational intelligence to our customers. We look forward to partnering with ORBCOMM on RFID IV and other global opportunities in the near future.”

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