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Onyx Service & Solutions, Inc. (ONYX) Set to Build First Diesel-Reduction Solar Project in Honduras with $84 Million Contract

Onyx Service and Solutions, Inc., a global company committed to designing cutting edge energy technology, products, manufacturing advances and construction projects to successfully compete in a global energy marketplace, announced that after a presentation last Wednesday at the Roatan Municipal Government Chambers it is confident that their first major solar power project will be in Honduras. The 18.5 megawatt solar project will earn Onyx $84 million and will allow it to use 65,000 of its branded 280 watt solar panels. Onyx will use this power plant as the entree for the company into a lucrative market of nations that solely use diesel produced electricity for their energy needs.

Honduras is a great first location as a US ally with a huge expat population trying to free itself from the clutches of Venezuela and the influence of Hugo Chavez. Presently, the island of Roatan relies 100% on diesel produced electricity. With diesel prices constantly rising, this total reliance is hurting both the tourist industry and the ability of the nation to attract new businesses. As a top rated retirement location in the world, a fixed cost for energy is an essential attraction. Solar power is a solution to one of the area’s biggest problems.

The next steps for Onyx include the completion of the agreement with the project investors and initiation of the regulatory processes. Onyx has already identified ten-acre tracts that are located in areas with the appropriate exposure to the sun, close to the existing electrical grid and with construction access. The project will be completed in thirds so each tract can be acquired in stages. Each of the stages is expected to utilize 23,500 panels at 280 watts each.

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