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Onyx Service & Solutions Inc. (ONYX) Develops Engineering Plan for Roatan Project

Today, Onyx Service & Solutions announced that it has developed a plan to successfully distribute power on its new 22-megawatt project in Roatan, Honduras. With problems arising from an older distribution system, the plan will provide a fix to the numerous issues Roatan has faced with power outages.

Onyx’s detailed engineering research has developed an alternative that breaks the solar placement up into many smaller “farms” that can be strategically placed, down to a single user “at-meter” solution. ONYX plans to use a cutting-edge repository system for the larger production farms and may decide to utilize its new “Plug-N-Play” panel for smaller output areas. Repository systems store energy for use after the sun has gone down or if there is not ample sunlight for extended periods of time. ONYX’s new “Plug-N-Play” panel already has a battery unit and inverter integrated into the panel straight from the factory.

“There has been abundant discussions about addressing the distribution system issue”, stated Malcolm Burleson, President of ONYX. “The fact that solar can be downsized all the way to a single panel, plus our access to superior energy storage options, gives us great latitude in distribution. It certainly eliminates many standard distribution factors, especially any need for large and costly transmission stations.”

Onyx decided to forgo the normal strategies employed by solar companies, such as competing against coal-fired electricity producers or depending on government subsidies to make a profit. Instead, Onyx management identified sectors that rely on costly diesel generated electricity, like Roatan, to focus on as its target market. These sectors present higher profit margins and more profit making opportunities.

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