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Omrix Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (OMRI) is the Face of Tomorrow’s Global Business

Global trade has ancient links. Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus are the best known explorers who tried to establish business links with far-off lands, but they were not the first. China and the rest of Asia have long been coveted for their rich natural resources.

What does the history of global trade have to do with stock investing in this millennium? Globalization has been a buzz word for the last two decades, and it continues to take new forms. We need to appreciate such trends to make top stock picks. Here is an example from the futuristic Biotechnology & Drugs Industry that you might find useful.

The first feature that will attract stock investor attention is this company’s global reach. It is incorporated in New York, NY. Research and Development, which drives such an enterprise, is mainly conducted in Israel. There is a separate subsidiary in Belgium for the lucrative European Union market. A collaboration with a large capital U.S. corporation takes care of a distinct product line related to controlling bleeding in delicate surgical operations. One day, all business could be structured this way, and early movers may deserve the support of investors.

The corporation’s technological competence extends beyond helping surgeons manage bleeding. It also has path-breaking products for the human immune system. The company specializes in passive immunotherapy, which can save lives of individuals born with hitherto incurable diseases. The potential to take health care to new frontiers is another distinguishing feature of the best stocks for the decades to come.

The stock price at the middle of May 2008 is some distance, but on course to the 52-week high of $39.07. The Beta is 1.00. The Price to Earnings Ratio is 21.88.

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