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Neurocrine Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ: NBIX) Continues Work with a Deep Product Pipeline

In the world of bioscience, product development is all well and good but does little for potential investors until those products make their way through the approvals process. The closer the products get to approval, the closer an investor will be to potential profit. If an investor can find a company that is far enough along, but not too far along to boost its stock price out of range, he will be ready for a nice tidy profit when the product goes to market.

Neurocrine Bioscience Inc., a bioscience company, works to develop and market a variety of neurological and endocrine disease-treatment products primarily in North America. The company is well along the development process for a variety of drugs but is currently focusing on an insomnia drug as its next “to market” product.

It is perhaps the company’s product pipeline that is its strongest selling point. Currently, it has four products in Phase II and three in Phase I trials. Each of its Phase II products are progressing in trials at the moment and should be seeing reportable results in the near future. Unlike some drugs that address rather obscure ailments, the company’s pipeline products are directed at somewhat more mainstream issues. Among these issues are: irritable bowel syndrome, heart conditions and depression.

The company has been making solid progress with its product development and testing. This progress has not gone unnoticed in the marketplace as major marketing companies line up for a chance to become involved. In the past, Glaxo SmithKline has been a solid supporter of the company while Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co. has recently signed agreements with regard to the company’s insomnia product. Given the company’s pipeline and indications of solid progress, Neurocrine Bioscience is very quickly positioning itself as a company to be recognized. As products are approved, it will be seen as a leading bioscience company with a deep product bench and solid revenues.

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