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Neuralstem, Inc. (CUR) Receives Some $733K in Federal Grants to Develop Breakthrough Central Nervous System Therapies

Neuralstem, – the biotherapeutics developer leveraging patented stem cell technology for commercial-quantity production of differentiable human brain/spinal cord cells for solving diseases and CNS (central nervous system) disorders, reported yesterday award of some $733,438 via three Federal grants.

The grants were awarded through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and will allow CUR to move its breakthrough work in Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS – amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and depression forward.

President and CEO of CUR, Richard Garr, explained the Company’s shrewd strategy to rapidly develop the powerful technology, detailing how the three grants would be applied:

1. Small molecule treatment for depression moved into clinical phase
2. ALS treatment via spinal cord stem cells trialing advanced
3. IGF1-expressing (insulin-like growth factor 1) neural stem cell therapy, which shows great promise for ALS applications, developed further

Garr noted how the third grant program was focused on engineering over-expression of specific “molecules of interest” (IGF1) in the produced spinal cord neurons, because this has been proven to function as a good neuron support mechanism.

Ongoing FDA-approved Phase I safety clinical trialing for ALS by CUR, using its incredible technology for producing neural brain/spinal cord stem cells, whose maturation into physiologically relevant neurons and glia can be controlled, places the Company in a prime position to generate massive revenues.

A potential treatment for the scourge of ALS aside, CUR’s technology is also applicable to a variety of other conditions and diseases, thus the Company is targeting other CNS ailments like traumatic spinal cord injury, Huntington’s disease and ischemic Spastic Paraplegia.

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