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NetSol Technologies, Inc. (NTWK) Sets International Standard for Leasing and Finance Solutions

NetSol Technologies, Inc., the established provider of business services and enterprise software solutions to a growing global market, developed the NetSol Financial Suite (NFS) as a framework for robust and highly customized solutions that offer tight integration with existing systems across environments with multiple assets and languages.

One major, fully-integrated component of the NFS is the industry-renowned LeaseSoft, NetSol’s suite of end-to-end leasing and finance software solutions. Developed for finance and lending industries around the globe, NetSol Technologies Limited has created a unique suite of Enterprise IT Managed solutions based on the proven LeaseSoft technology.

LeaseSoft Asset is a specialized finance system, designed from the ground up to be a web-enabled package that harnesses the underlying technology that has made the NFS so successful.

The software is modular and therefore highly scalable while being robust enough to make it a clear industry leader in asset finance systems around the world. With an emphasis on accuracy and flexibility, LeaseSoft Asset was developed for tight integration with LeaseSoft Portal and Document Manager.

With the capacity to leverage additional applications for greater overall profitability in a way that allows for an increased variety of potential uses, LeaseSoft Asset is able to meet the demands of a growing and changing market on a stand-alone basis while interfacing seamlessly with external systems.

LeaseSoft Asset supports all the basic needs of captive finance, vendor and banking companies. Suitable for a wide range of installment credit lenders, including high volume lenders, LeaseSoft Asset was tailor-made for leasing, operating leasing, hire purchase, motor, finance and corporate products.

LeaseSoft Evolve was created with smaller finance companies in mind, especially those doing installment lending management, as a leasing loan administration toolkit which comes pre-configured, thus allowing rapid implementation into a company’s workflow.

Evolve is designed to be a cost-effective solution for business ranging from start-ups to established operations looking to streamline their process, including businesses with component broker and in-house-based finance. Because LeaseSoft Evolve allows for the easy creation and management of contracts throughout their life-cycle, and does so with a simple and solitary database structure, service is optimized and risk is reduced while allowing personnel to focus on other tasks.

Designed to be a comprehensive and powerful finance contract management system, this largely automated and web-enabled environment allows for easy management of multiple simultaneous contracts with little to no human intervention.

The ability to service every aspect of its targeted solution set, including uploading and cross checking, lookups, payouts, underwriting and even direct debiting in an automated and hands-free manner, leaves only tasks such as the amendment or early settlement of contracts to the end-user, and even in such cases allows for simple outsourcing to third party agencies.

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