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NetSol Technologies, Inc. (NTWK) Keeping Healthcare Financing Healthy

NetSol Technologies Inc. is known for its integrated enterprise software solutions. Central to this is the NetSol Financial Suite (NFS), providing software solutions for credit, lease and loan accounting, fleet management, and wholesale finance. One of the most important NFS solutions is Medical Equipment Wholesale, for the healthcare financing industry.

It goes without saying that healthcare remains one of the best growth industries. Leasing and finance companies aggressively compete to offer the best financing services. Those companies with the most flexibility and feature-rich products come out on top. NFS offers LeaseSoft’s Wholesale Finance System (WFS), a robust system for wholesale financing that automates and manages floorplan and bailment activities.

Five optional, customizable modules make up WFS:

• Credit Request Management Module – This module manages requests and credit limits, and is customizable by asset category and dealer.
• Loan Management Module – This module handles loans against credit limits, interest rates, loan schedules, payments to distributors, repayments from dealers, and any related fees and charges.
• Stock Auditing Module – This module manages inventory and stock movement from distributors to dealers and among different dealers. It also manages stock status, internal and external audits, and dealer behavior analysis.
• Billing and Settlement Module – This module handles periodic and on-demand billing, grace periods, and manual or automatic receipt settlement.
• Dealer & Auditor Access Module – This module provides Web-based access for dealers and auditors. Dealers can view stock, check payables, search assets, and initiate settlement requests. Additionally, auditors can schedule dealer site audits and record audit results.

WFS makes it easy for finance companies and distributors to build their own custom system based on these modules. They can also easily integrate other modules within the NetSol Financial Suite for an end-to-end wholesale financing solution.

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