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NetSol Technologies, Inc. (NTWK) Gets the Credit

NetSol Technologies Inc. has been able to overcome rough economic times by simply helping other companies succeed by offering systems and services that are simply unmatched. A great example of this is NetSol’s Credit Application Processing (CAP) System, called LeaseSoft.CAP, a web-based credit evaluation system that surpasses every industry performance benchmark.

LeaseSoft.CAP is a highly efficient automated system for analyzing and presenting the credit worthiness of applicants, significantly cutting down on application processing times. Together with sophisticated technology, LeaseSoft.CAP has an integrated link directly to credit bureaus and agencies, allowing credit history to be accessed in the shortest possible time. The result is a substantial rise in the number of applications that can be finalized in any given period.

LeaseSoft.CAP employs state-of-the-art object-oriented and N-tier architecture to speed processing, and is equipped with comprehensive workflow management capabilities, robust enough to support several hundred simultaneous users. The system is completely customizable, offering such things as an automated point scoring system that lets the user set specific parameters to gauge the credit worthiness of an applicant. In addition, the system’s user friendly interface allows dealers, vendors, and customers to interact with the finance company, providing an opportunity for web-based customer counseling, quotation, and credit application creation/submission.

In short, LeaseSoft.CAP is a comprehensive credit application processing solution, giving companies the features they need to make the credit application and evaluation process accurate, easy, and more economical.

• Automated credit approval cycle
• Improved credit approval time
• Reduction in key stroke times due to non-repetitive data input
• Automate log keeping of all processes/events
• Point Score System to define any scoring models and rules
• B2B and B2G interfaces, such as credit bureaus, registration authorities, etc.
• Flexible work flow management, to configure workflow according to business hierarchy
• Comprehensive asset and business partner database, for faster evaluations of requests

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