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NetSol Technologies, Inc.’s (NTWK) Comprehensive Financial Suite

NetSol Technologies’ Financial Suite (“NFS”) provides businesses with comprehensive, custom solutions for credit, lease and loan accounting, fleet management, and wholesale finance needs. Built from the components of LeasePak and LeaseSoft, NFS combines innovation and flexibility with security and accuracy to seamlessly integrate itself with existing platforms and practices.

When the LeaseSoft products were developed, Netsol’s software engineers took the best practices of software development and financial industry business processes. Over a period of more than eight years, they developed the 100+ modules that make up the four comprehensive modules of LeaseSoft, quickly making it one of the leading solutions throughout the markets of Asia. Even though the LeaseSoft products are each, on their own, a complete system, they can be combined in any configuration to provide a custom solution.

The engineers who developed LeasePak have continuously striven to innovate and evolve the product to meet the changing needs of the marketplace. LeasePak consists of a base system that addresses all leasing and finance lifecycle functionality plus optional modules that can be used in any combination to facilitate the business products and processes of any particular organization.

By combining these two products, NFS provides an unparalleled suite of offerings to fit any organization worldwide. Offering an end-to-end automated solution that is efficient, productive, and powerful, the NetSol Financial Suite is the right choice, providing businesses a custom-fit solution for their organization.

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