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MWI Veterinary Supply Inc. (MWIV) Offers Irresistible, Single-Window Service for Pet Owners and Production Animal Professionals

The company has a staggering collection of more than 11 thousand products! However, it is not products alone that drive the business of this extraordinary company. It excels in technical customer service, with a sharp focus on qualified veterinarians. It also understands pet owners and makes the effort to provide special services such as arranging cremations of beloved companion animals.

Meat production, dairies, other farm animals, and pets, are large and profitable market segments individually, but they make a winning combination in the way they are put together by this company. The company has both nutrition and therapeutic products from the veterinary field. It is also a leading supplier of important vaccines. Professional care givers for animals can use the company’s website for getting supplies and all their requirements. This gives the company a nearly unbeatable position in the US market.

The company has announced encouraging business progress during the quarter ended December 2007. Sales have grown annually by 26% during the quarter. This includes almost 40% growths each in electronic commerce and the pharmacy business. 42% of sales growth has come from new customers. Profitability improvement has been more modest, but this is due to marketing and logistic investments which should pay off during the rest of 2008 and beyond.

Though the human-health members of the Medical Equipment & Supplies industry should have many financial advantages over a business catering to veterinarians, the company has a better Current Ratio, Quick Ratio, and Interest Coverage than its peers. The company is strongly positioned to build on its recent successes.

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