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Monarch Cement Company (MCEM) Continues to Cement Their Position for Investor Value

Trading on the OTCBB, Monarch Cement Company and their subsidiaries manufacture and sell Portland cement and ready-mixed concrete. The company’s headquarters are in Humboldt, Kansas. Founded in 1908 as the Monarch Portland Cement Company, they reorganized in 1913 as the Monarch Cement Company. Today Monarch sells to and serves all or parts of Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. They do so from their Humboldt plant as well as Monarch’s terminals in Des Moines, Iowa, and Dodge City, Kansas.

They sell their Portland cement and ready-mixed concrete under their MONARCH brand name. Portland cement contains limestone and shale. These materials are finely ground and moved through a kiln where they form a new material called clinker. This clinker then has a small amount of gypsum added to it and is ground, ultra-fine, to form Portland cement. Their ready-mixed concrete or masonry cements consist of ground Portland clinker and ground limestone, plus a small amount of gypsum and admixture to enhance masonry properties. Masonry cements are for mixing with sand and water to produce a masonry mortar for use in brick, block, and stone masonry construction.

During the 1990’s, Monarch shifted their focus to automating their manufacturing processes. They converted their roller mill, preheater kilns, and all-finish mills to computer control systems with state-of-the-art process control technology. They also installed an automated system for disposal of used tires in their two preheater kilns. This recovers fuel from wasted material and provides a Kansas Department of Health and Environment approved disposal site for tires. The pyroprocessing system is undergoing updating and upgrades to include the latest process technology.

Monarch subsidiaries include ready-mixed concrete, concrete products, and sundry building materials. Their subsidiaries are Beaver Lake Concrete Inc., Capitol Concrete Products Co. Inc., City Wide Construction Products Co., Concrete Enterprises Inc., Concrete Materials Inc., Dodge City Concrete Inc., and Joplin Concrete Co. Inc. They also include Kansas Building Products Inc., Kansas Sand & Concrete Inc., Monarch Cement of Iowa Inc., Salina Concrete Products Inc., Springfield Ready Mix Co., and Tulsa Dynaspan, Inc.

Monarch continues to cement their position in the industry as a quality provider of cement and concrete products. They recently celebrated their 100th anniversary as a company. They continue to serve their customers in the Midwest, and their diverse shareholder base, to give them the products and the profits they each respectively desire.

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