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MissionSMR Leverages Social Technology to Provide Clients with a Powerful, Successful and Radical Outreach Platform

The applications for social technology in the corporate world are moving at warp speed. Once a means of entertainment, e-mail access and online shopping, social technology has become so entrenched within global businesses, that it is unarguably one of the most powerful and yet largely untapped business tools on the planet.

In a McKinsey & Company study of 4,200 companies around the world, 70% report that they currently use social technology in some form or fashion; and 90% of those companies said they were seeing some degree of business benefit. However, only 3% of companies were fully networked to achieve substantial benefits from these technologies.

Recognizing the deep, untapped potential for social technology to improve communications and collaboration within and across enterprises is one thing. Executing a plan to actually participate in and take advantage of the billowing market is quite another.

Social technologies serve as a platform for the key fundamentals of a progressive and thriving outreach strategy. At MissionSMR we help our clients leverage social technology in regards to:

• Operations and distribution
• Investor Relations
• Marketing and Sales
• Customer Service
• Business Support

As a valued MissionSMR client, your company, initiatives and challenges are taken seriously. The team of professionals is committed to:

• Delivering news and key investment highlights to targeted audiences
• Establishing presence on prominent investor-oriented sites
• Generating buzz with wide distribution and consistent communication
• Optimizing and refining social networking strategy
• Adding power and reach to existing investor relations programs
• Strategic execution and specialized expertise
• Proven results and prompt service

MissionSMR leverages the incredible dynamics of social media that set it apart as a leading and preferred means of communication among businesses, investors and consumers. Peeling back layer by layer, the team gets to the core of how your company can fully maximize social media and execute the most effective plan. This is more than a Facebook or Twitter account – this is using a well-established network and fine-tuned strategies to help you get noticed and stay on top.

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