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Millennium Pharmaceutical Becomes First Customer for Bioclinica’s (BIOC) New Product

Yesterday, Millennium Pharmacetical signed an agreement with BioClinica to become the first licensed customer for their new Enterprise Demand Aggregator (EDA) product. BioClinica and Millennium will work in conjunction in order to release the product more quickly. This will assist in Millennium’s clinical trial supply planning.

Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company is a biopharm company located in Cambridge, MA. Millennium markets VELCADE, a proteasome inhibitor, as well as maintains a series of products in development. Millennium’s commercial products are focused on oncology. BioClinica is a provider of clinical trial management solutions, supporting pharmaceutical and medical device development. BioClinica provides services such as data capture and internet transport, interactive voice and web response, and clinical tial management, among others.

Millennium has previously been using BioClinica’s Optimizer since 2007 to predict supply needs for their trials, which has improved efficiency and cost benefits. The new EDA system will gather information from the planning phases of Millennium’s Optimizer-simulated trials and supply the company with a long-term view of demand. The EDA will also augment the Optimizer abilities, allowing it to give macro-level forecasts for studies in the early stages of planning, supply predictions for studies, analysis of enterprise demands, running theoretical what-if situations and integrating with supply chain systems.

“As we now want to improve and standardize our clinical supply forecasting and management across multiple trials with greater control than ever before, BioClinica’s Enterprise Demand Aggregator application is a great addition for us,” said Paul Skerker, Ph.D., Senior Director of Investigational Supply Operations for Millennium.

“BioClinica is introducing another eClinical offering which we anticipate will become an industry standard. We believe our rapidly expanding clinical and supply chain solutions are individually best-in-class, and the integration of our product offerings drive benefits unmatched in the industry,” said Peter Benton, President of eClinical Solutions for BioClinica. “The pharmaceutical industry relies on technology innovation to drive necessary efficiencies. This partnership demonstrates Millennium’s commitment to innovate while also validating the benefits that BioClinica’s Optimizer technology provides.”

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