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Micromem Technologies, Inc. (MMTIF.OB) Joins Norwegian EM Technology (NEMT) to Produce 3-D Electromagnetic Hydrocarbon and Mineral Survey Tool

Micormem Technologies, through its wholly owned U.S. based subsidiary Micromem Applied Sensor Technologies, Inc. (MASTInc), announced they have received a contract from Norwegian EM Technology AS to develop and deliver a three-dimensional electromagnetic tool to conduct resource surveys for discovering hydrocarbons and minerals.

NEMT has chosen MASTInc to produce EM receivers based upon MASTInc’s technology and leadership in its vision of where magnetic sensing is headed. Marius J. Mes, engineering manager for NEMT stated, “NEMT needs a small, directionally sensitive magnetic sensor with sensitivity in the pico-Tesla range that allows a high sampling rate. This sensor needs to be combined with a directionally sensitive electrical sensor, a technology that MASTInc also possesses.”

While making steady strives on Wall Street, MASTInc has acquired a reputation for having designed and manufactured a magnetic sensor that incorporates several technologically superior innovations that address extending the sensitivity range of the conventional Hall sensor. These innovations include patented GaAs substrate leading to improved ion mobility. In addition, patented magnetic lensing, arraying of small micron-sized sensors, and digital signal processing are all focused on breaking the price–performance barrier traditionally set by other magnetic sensors.

The partnership between these two companies represents a long-term commitment to reducing exploration costs and improving the richness of data available from new sensing configurations. This union may prove to establish name-recognition in the market and has already proven to be a loyal friend to the environment.

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