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Microfield Group Inc. (MICG) Sees Power Grid Alternatives

Microfield Group, Inc.’s EnergyConnect, a wholly owned subsidiary, provides Demand Response technologies and services that enable a more sustainable power grid while creating additional income for participating companies. The company’s EnergyConnect web-based automated platform enables consumers of energy to participate in incentive opportunities by cutting back power when the grid needs it the most. With headquarters in Portland, Oregon, Microfield Group Inc. trades on the OTCBB as part of the Electric Utilities industry.

The company sees Demand Response as a clean, efficient, and low-cost solution for meeting America’s power needs. They are the first company to deploy market-disruptive energy automation technology in the demand response marketplace. Microfield’s EnergyConnect platform and technology enables buildings, campuses, factories, and other large consumers of energy to take advantage of revenue opportunities in the wholesale market for electricity. EnergyConnect products turn users of energy into producers.

The company’s real time auto-response technology allows those who choose to participate in the Demand Response program to capitalize on hourly price fluctuations and daily commitments in the electricity supply. In addition, they can capitalize on emergency response services to improve grid economics and maintain grid reliability. EnergyConnect’s Energy Automation solutions make energy market users, independent system operators, regional transmission organizations, and electric utilities active participants in the energy grid.

EnergyConnect enables participants to influence the energy market for the mutual benefit of electricity consumers and the power grid. Energy Automation helps enterprises make the energy they use work profitably for them. EnergyConnect’s Energy Automation allows for the alteration of an enterprise’s energy behavior in response to energy market pricing. For the energy market, there is modification of the grid load to reduce the need for additional power generation and capital expenditures. There are rewards for the power grid, and the Energy Automation participant receives financial rewards for helping the overall energy market.

On Wednesday, July 23, Microfield Group Inc.’s EnergyConnect announced a partnership to provide Demand Response services to Yahoo! Inc. During a demand response event, companies that have previously committed to reduce their electricity usage receive a call to ease the strain on the power grid by responding quickly and decreasing their electricity consumption. By cutting back on their electricity use, Yahoo! will help balance the electric grid by freeing up power it would have otherwise been using, helping to prevent rolling blackouts, and limiting the need to bring additional greenhouse-gas generating plants online.

Christina Page, Director of Climate and Energy Strategy at Yahoo! Inc. said, “Yahoo! is committed to environmental stewardship and we are constantly searching for effective ways to decrease our carbon footprint. We are pleased to partner with EnergyConnect and see this important program as a complement to our larger commitment to be an environmentally responsible company.”

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