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Medicare Focus Imparts Value to Metropolitan Health Networks Inc. (MDF) Stock

The Healthcare Facilities Industry offers stable values to stock market investors. The need to stay fit and well does not diminish even during the most bearish market phases. Service providers have comparatively generous degrees of freedom to recover cost inflation. A professionally managed stock from this industry can look forward to steady dividends and price appreciation. The industry is also relatively free of the regulatory risks which plague small capital stocks from other members of the Healthcare Sector.

This company from West Palm Beach, FL has set its sights firmly on Medicare. The latter is one of the prominent parts of the entire social security spectrum of services. It is therefore best protected in terms of government funding. Longevity trends support optimistic business forecasts for this kind of stock with its Medicare focus.

The company has a Provider Service Network (PSN) and a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) format for its customers. The company has about 30,000 customers on its rolls at the start of calendar 2008. It has evolved over more than a decade as a leading health care service provider in Florida.

The Price to Earnings Ratio is 17.60 for the last four quarters against more than 21 for the industry. Business has grown annually by 21.63% during this period. The company has also beaten its competitors with a 30.78% five-year growth rate in Capital Spending. Average Return on Investment over the past five years has been 32.15.

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