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Medical Action Industries, Inc. (MDCI) Business is at the Heart of Healthcare

Disposable products have essential roles in modern healthcare. The core strength of this small capital member of the Medical Equipment & Supplies Industry from Hauppauge, NY is that each of its six lines of revenue enjoys relatively stable demand regardless of the general economic climate.

Neither doctors nor patients can manage their everyday lives without bed-side utensils, sterile dressings, laboratory aids, kits for routine procedures, systems for waste disposal, and consumables for surgeries. That is why the company’s sales have grown by over 21% during the past five years. Significantly, sales growth on a Trailing Twelve Months basis has been nearly 55%. This proves that the management has succeeded in accelerating market share expansion. Besides, the company has generally grown faster than the Medical Equipment & Supplies Industry average over the past five years.

Marketing and distribution tactics are appropriate for the product range. The company focuses on the emergency facilities of large medical institutions, and covers small clinics as well. It also services veterinary establishments. Independent distributors and resellers extend the business generated by the direct sales force. This approach to the market optimizes revenue growth from a relatively lean operating structure. It also enables the company to remain within the least price-sensitive segments of the markets it serves.

The management has steadily built additional values for the stock through judicious inorganic growth moves. A wide product range helps to serve clients better. Investors will find a reflection of this in Working Capital management. Asset Turnover has been nearly twice as high as the average for the Healthcare Sector over the last four quarters.

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