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Med Gen Inc. (MGEN) Awarded Highly Acclaimed ADDY Award

Med Gen Inc. is an over 10 year manufacture that markets specialty products using its proprietary delivery system Spray’s the Way (“STW”), in addition to nationally branded OTC healthier life products and specialty financial services, and has been awarded the highly acclaimed ADDY in the campaign category. The recent advertising campaign was prepared by its agent, Art That Works, Inc.

Med Gen Inc. is best known for producing the world’s first patented liquid spray snoring relief formula, Snorenz®. Since its existence, Med Gen Inc. has continued to develop its STW technology, introducing Good Nights Sleep® and the UnDiet® system into a family of brands with the newest product of Fab U Lust™, a female sexual stimulant launching in test markets throughout the country.

Catherine Riley, President of Art That Works, Inc of Deerfield Beach, Florida stated, “I wish you could have seen the preliminary meeting with Med Gen. I’m sitting at the table with three male executives of Med Gen trying not to blush, as we discussed the logo, packaging and tone of the marketing for the launch of their newest product, Fat U Lust™. Fab U Lust™ is a roll-on clitoral stimulant and it is critical that its image be classy.”

Paul Mitchell, President of Med Gen said, “After many interviews we picked Art That Works and Catherine because of her unique way of approaching a project. We think Fab U Lust™ is going to be a big revenue producer for us and we want a campaign that we can grow with. Catherine has given us just that. We expect that with the significant capital that we have invested and the addition of Sunset Thomas as our spokesperson, Fab U Lust™ will be our most successful product. Winning the ADDY will give us a boost and a lot of additional publicity.”

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