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Mattson Technology Inc. (MTSN) – A Small Capital Gateway to the Semiconductors Industry

This stock has traded at the end of the second week of April 2008 at just $5.70. The Price to Earnings Ratio is below 11. Though institutions have firm grips on 95% of the stock, it is worth entering to whatever extent possible. The Semiconductors Industry has a sound, long-term future. The company recently received a major order from Asia to mark its entry in to the lucrative dielectric etching market.

The company has an April 2008 market capitalization of less than $300 million. However, it is a giant and a leader in terms of its core technological competence. The latter has three strategic benefits for foundries and for logic device makers. Prominent amongst these strengths is the technical expertise surrounding the use of new industrial metals. The company is a key player in the business of making larger chips, and helps industrial clients enter new vistas.

The management does not depend on a technological moat alone. The stock derives additional strength from sound business structure. A manufacturing facility in the European Union provides revenues in Euros, and transatlantic design skills as well. The five-year Capital Spending Growth Rate is ahead of the Semiconductors Industry norm of 14.52. The Gross Margin has topped 46 over the last four quarters. It is difficult to find a small capital stock with equivalent future prospects in this industry segment.

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