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MASS Petroleum, Inc. (MASP) is “One to Watch”

MASS Petroleum, Inc. is an oil and gas production company focused on the acquisition of producing oil and gas projects to build their reserves and ensure sustainable growth through focused project development and acquisitions. The company engages in the acquisition of producing oil and natural gas wells, interests, and leases from existing companies, governments, and through the open market.

MASS Petroleum has shifted their focus from Russia to North America to take advantage of stable low to medium risk opportunities. This decision was made due to current economic conditions. The target acquisitions offer both a stable production base and low risk drilling opportunities. This combination promises to provide MASS with steady cash flow for continued exploration and development in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

MASS Petroleum’s primary objective is to make strategic acquisitions balanced with focused exploration and development plans, building core production areas with significant undeveloped land, high working interest and/or operatorship. They also are working to have a balanced light oil and gas portfolio with large scalable reserves, focusing on high Working Interest (WI) projects with upside drilling prospects.

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