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Marshall Edwards, Inc. (MSHL) is Taking a New Approach to Oncology

Marshall Edwards, a subsidiary of the Australian pharmaceutical company, Novogen Limited, was formed with the specific intent of increasing the focus on an important new oncological discovery known as multiple signal transduction regulators (MSTRs).

Novogen scientists discovered these regulators, and brought Marshall Edwards onboard to develop the products commercially. The main MSTR, called Phenoxodiol, is currently undergoing Phase III clinical testing in the US, Europe, and Australia. The drug is being developed for the treatment of both early and late-stage prostate and cervical cancer, as well as ovarian cancers that have proven to be resistant to chemotherapy.

Phenoxodiol promotes the death of cancer cells by inhibiting harmful proteins which prevent apoptosis (the natural process of self-destruction in certain cells). The drug can be used in conjunction with other, more traditional forms of treatment.

A feeling of cautious excitement comes with every possibility of reducing or eradicating cancerous cells. What sets Marshall Edwards, Inc. apart from so many others conducting research in the field is the fact that the avenue they are pursuing has yet to be traversed. Any success the company might achieve in this area is sure to make Marshall Edwards a household name.

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