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Magnum D’Or Resources, Inc. (MDOR) Fat Contracts Prompt Personnel Additions

Magnum D’Or Resources, Inc. is an innovator in rubber reprocessing with the logistical capacity to easily satisfy its 5-year, $131.2 million in open contracts for the production of rubber buffings and nuggets.

However, as Magnum President and CEO Joseph Glusic recently stated, the infrastructural expansion this capital represents demands the immediate retention of several key personnel.

• Dr. Hugh Campbell, Engineering and Science
• Curtis Basner, Operations and Procedure
• Thomas Hillmer, Environmental Compliance
• Paul Miles, Quality Assurance
• Donald Kot, Transportation and Procurement
• Donald Brinkmann, Architectural Design and Construction

Glusic expressed his excitement to be working with this team of “renowned consultants” and noted that each was a specialist in his field of expertise.

Magnum’s has its main 98,000-square-foot facility in Magog (Quebec) and an ancillary 120-acre location in Hudson, Colorado with buildings, equipment, commercially zoned land and a 30,000,000-tire inventory.

Magnum has access, through its proprietary technology and systems, to an emerging global market encompassing everything from industrial raw materials for consumer goods to playground surfacing material. This unprecedented leverage has them poised to revolutionize the massive devulcanization industry in North America and China.

Through its partner Sekhar Research Innovations (SRI), Magnum holds rights and patents to a series of next-generation compounds, techniques and equipment for the production of in-demand, “green” solutions to the waste management of scrap rubber. Having been granted exclusivity for North America, and future Global Rights to the vital compounds and processes necessary to produce the ultra-fine rubber nuggets and powders used to make Elastomeric Alloys (EAs), Magnum is in a lucrative position. These alloys are the first step for end-user products that meet established “green” standards.

Magnum/SRI has a firm grasp on their market sector, and their industrial capacity to produce value-added compounds – which are interchangeable in low tolerance environments without performance degradation – offers customers improved cost efficiency.

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