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Magic Software Enterprises Ltd. (MGIC) Reports iBOLT Suite Adoption by Top Japanese Systems Integrator Nihon Unisys

Magic Software Enterprises, – the providers of a wide variety of business and process integration solutions as well as some of the top cloud-based and onsite application platforms, reported today that the Company’s iBOLT business integration suite has been adopted by top Japanese systems integrator Nihon Unisys, Ltd.

As one of Japan’s biggest and most successful SaaS platform providers, Nihon Unisys has incredible demand for data integration services and thus naturally turned to MGIC and the code-free iBOLT suite for providing the ultimate in business integration to their customers.

With the advent and subsequent rapid growth/popularity of cloud-based solutions, the need for ways to easily integrate site-based legacy applications and the newer, more dynamic cloud-based offerings, has increased dramatically. This is where iBOLT shines, providing the capacity for companies like Nihon Unisys to realize the very best in data integration service capabilities and pass those capabilities onto their clients, all without a shred of fear that existing on-premise IT systems will become unavailable or otherwise not function properly.

President of MGIC Japan, Toshio Sato, confirmed this revolutionary capacity of iBOLT for Nihon’s customers as they seek to deploy the next generation of data integration solutions, highlighting in particular the cost saving benefits and added value that iBOLT affords.

Automation of manual/repetitive workflows through integration via iBOLT allows for truly unprecedented value levels to be realized from IT investments across the board. Granting real-time situational awareness through an integrated view of a company’s data, iBOLT empowers personnel, from management to staff, with the kind of comprehensive perspective necessary to achieve maximum value from every business process.

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