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LiveDeal, Inc. (LIVE) Provides Creative Way for Buyers and Sellers to Find One Another

LiveDeal, Inc. is the first company to combine local online classifieds and the Yellow Pages marketplace (with millions of goods and services listed for sale). Their services can be found in every city and zip code within the United States. LiveDeal is the company that initialized combining classifieds, business listings, mobile services, advertising/distribution networks and e-commerce into a single online solution, offering businesses and consumers a more affordable and comprehensive solution so that they can establish a web presence and have new ways to market their products and services to the local audience.

Working through their online properties and, LiveDeal gives buyers and sellers the ability to find and list business services, merchandise, real estate, automobiles, pets, and much more throughout their community. Consumers can utilize LiveDeal’s marketplace to search or browse for particular items in a certain city, state or zip code, and LiveDeal even provides the option to reach out on a national or global scale. By partnering with online and offline media outlets, LiveDeal can process their classifieds rapidly.

Recently, the company announced that there will be full implementation of a strategic alliance with Google to become an authorized reseller of Google’s AdWords™ advertising program. AdWords is a creative online marketing platform that was designed to help businesses of all sizes advertise online by delivering complementary ads when users search for specific products and services. With the new partnership, LiveDeal’s sales teams will encourage businesses to implement AdWords online advertising as a cost-effective and energy-saving way to locate new customers.

By using Google AdWords, advertisers can find new customers and better connect with them at the exact moment they are searching online for specific products and services. Advertisers will select and bid on keywords that are most closely related to what it is that they are selling, and pay only when interested users click on their ads. Advanced tools such as targeting options, customizable ads, and detailed reporting enable advertisers to evaluate the success of their cost-per-click advertising efforts.

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