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Let 3S Bio Inc. (SSRX) Business Embellish Your Financial Planning

Though China is full of exciting business opportunities, health for people presents the most durable prospect. The large population, growing quality-of-life expectations, and pollution effects all contribute in large measures to bludgeoning and relatively price-insensitive demands for modern medicines.

International criticism of quality standards in parts of China finds most serious expressions in healthcare. The Beijing government is seized by the problem, and collaborates with international regulators to try and improve matters. The setting is just right for efficient Chinese pharmaceutical producers.

This stock is strongly positioned for the healthcare business situation in China. It offers superior stock investment opportunities for retail investors in North America through its ADR, which is listed on NASDAQ. High quality and affordable selling prices are twin highlights of this Chinese corporation. It has a dominant market share for the management of anemia. The management has also put vigorous new product and market-development processes in place.

The Price to Earnings Ratio is less than 17. Earnings per Share stand at 0.57. The Net Profit Margin has topped 42% over the past four quarters. Gross margin is over 90%. Annual sales growth has been nearly 58% during the Most Recent Quarter.

An important U.S. biopharmaceuticals corporation has allied with this Chinese company for joint development of a novel intravenous drug. The board has also approved a share repurchase initiative. These developments strengthen stock prospects for the near-term. It is clearly a stock investment opportunity worth putting on radar.

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