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LaserCard Corp. (LCRD) Wins Watershed Business

The company has a market capitalization of around $78 million at the start of May 2008. It is a member of the Computer Storage Devices Industry. This is an important part of the Technology Sector for stock investors. All large organizations on a global basis have substantially switched to computerized operations. This creates a vast market for reliable and secure storage of important data. Government bodies and countries with large population are the most sought-after clients in this business because of the extremely large amounts of data they have to store.

The company has celebrated the start of May 2008 with a $1.6 million order for vehicle registration from India. The size of the order is significant since the company’s total gross revenue in 2007 was only $32.27 million. However, the breakthrough into the bureaucracy of such a populous country matters even more. The order covers just three states in India, whereas the county has more than 15 such administrative units. The country also has one of the highest rates of automobile growth in the world. The business involves the use of such cutting-edge technologies as biometrics, so future new business potentials are enormous.

The core stock value resides in the company’s optical memory card. This small and convenient device is resistant to data abuse. It can be used to track citizens and to distinguish genuine residents from aliens. The company’s world-wide reach is strengthened by its trade links with resellers.

The company does business with the US Homeland Security Department. It is poised for rapid revenue growth with direct implications for profitability. The stock price has been $6.49 at the end of the first week of May 2008. Continuing business expansion through large orders, as it has just secured from India, should see the stock price approach and cross the 52-week high of $12.94.

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