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KongZhong Corp. (KONG) Publishes Paperman MMO in China

Yesterday, KongZhong Corp. announced that it would be signing a publishing agreement with Japanese video game producer Gamepot to publish the Japanese first person shooter (FPS)-based massively multiplayer online game (MMO) in the Chinese market. Paperman features Japanese-animation style characters that can become flat, like paper cut outs.

Established in 2001, Gamepot is a producer of online video games and is a subsidiary of Sonnet Entertainment Corporation. KongZhong is a provider of digital entertainment services for the PRC, focusing on mobile and internet games as well as WVAS. KongZhong offers news, entertainment, community and mobile advertising services, and has been producing internet games since 2010.

Paperman launched 2 years ago in Japan, and has become popular due to its unique gameplay mechanics and featuring character customization capabilities, as well as being voiced by popular voice actors. Players control flat, paperlike Japanese styled (“anime”) cartoon character avatars in a 3D environment, and can shoot and bomb enemy players. The game follows a freemium, or free-to-play model.

“KongZhong is excited to partner with Gamepot, to bring Paperman to Chinese gamers,” said Mr. Leilei Wang, CEO and Chairman of KongZhong. “In Japan, Paperman has already become one of the most successful online first-person shooters, based on its unique anime style characters and advanced gameplay. With over 2 years of content from operating in Japan, we believe that Chinese gamers who are fans of Japanese anime will find something exciting in this new and fresh style first person shooter for years to come.”

Gamepot Inc. CEO, Shuhei Ueda, said, “Gamepot is very excited and happy to provide our Paperman service to China with the partner we feel is best for this game, KongZhong. Paperman’s unique game concept, attractive characters, and exciting game elements have been favored by many players in Japan, and enabled us to establish a new and significant game genre in the competitive FPS market. We strongly hope that Paperman can be enjoyed by many players in the China market, and find big success.”

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