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John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc. (JBSS) – Nuts about their Product

John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc. (JBSS) took a simple, all-natural product in 1922 and ran with it. Today, they are still running with more products and revenue as they strive to increase their share of the shelled and in-shell nuts and extruded snacks market. They are a major processor, packager, marketer, and distributor of these products around the world.

Headquartered in Elgin, Illinois, JBSS is part of the Processed and Packaged Goods industry. They trade on NASDAQ. They market their products under the Fisher, Snack ‘N Serve Nut Bowl, and Sunshine Country brand names. They also provide private label brands for many other companies. JBSS also markets and distributes a variety of other food and snack items, including candies.

JBSS began in 1922 when Gaspare Sanfilippo started a pecan-shelling company in Chicago with his son. This operation began in a small storefront facility. By 1929, the company had moved into their first Chicago production facility as demand for their product increased. In 1959, they branched out into processing and marketing other nut types.

It was at this time that they began oil-roasting nuts for the ice cream industry. With this, they proceeded to build a bigger production facility in Chicago. In 1963, Jasper Sanfilippo assumed management control of the company. The company went public with their first share offering in 1991.

Today, JBSS maintains their main production and distribution facility in Elgin, Illinois. They also have production facilities in Bainbridge, Georgia and Garysburg, North Carolina. Both of these facilities are near the main growing regions for runner and Virginia type peanuts. JBSS also has a walnut-shelling facility in Gustine, California. This facility is near major walnut, almond, and pecan growing regions.

What started out as a small family business in Chicago is now a major food corporation. JBSS focuses on supplying innovative and tasty products to a broad spectrum of national and international customers. They supply corporate and consumer needs across many platforms including the professional sports market. Next time you’re at a major league baseball game. check your bag of peanuts. You may be holding a bag of JBSS’s Fisher peanuts in your hand.

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