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JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd. (JASO) Signs 185 MW Worth of Agreements to Supply BP Solar Through 2011

JA Solar Holdings, – a top global manufacturer of high-performance solar power components for the worldwide solar cell, module and systems sector, reported signing of important strategic supply agreements today with BP Solar for some 185 MW of solar cells (mono- and multi-crystalline) up to and through 2011.

The first agreement, signed earlier this year, calls for 85MW of cells and a majority of this commitment has already been fulfilled. The second agreement begins Q1 FY11 and calls for the remaining 100 MW.

This is a substantial feather in AENs cap, due to both revenue (generated from sales of hardware) and current and future potential of being linked with BP Solar, which has an impressive global distribution footprint and over 37 years experience installing solar systems in most nations around the globe.

CEO of JASO, Dr. Peng Fang, noted that collaboration with the San Francisco-headquartered BP Solar has been going on since 2008, and that this extension of that relationship further confirms the synergy between the two companies.

Dr. Fang articulated that JASOs superior cost structure gives BP Solar a huge advantage in targeted residential, commercial and utility markets, while the agreement provides JASO with firm orders all throughout next year.

This is very good news for JASO and its shareholders, providing a reliable revenue stream and profitability into and throughout 2011, which is predicted to be an incredibly strong year due to rising global solar demand.

CEO of BP Solar, Mike Petrucci, asseverated Dr. Fang’s enthusiasm wholeheartedly and said BP was quite happy to secure a “solid supply of high-quality solar cells” through what appears to be a demand-driven market phase, where the critical need to satisfy this growing demand for BP Solar’s proven product line can handily be met by JASOs excellent hardware.

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