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JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd., (JASO) Announces Exclusive Deal To Supply 19 MW Solar Modules For Utility Scale Solar Power Project In Germany

JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-performance solar cells and solar power products, today announced an exclusive deal with Solarhybrid AG (SHL) a Germany-based project developer and general contractor for turn-key utility-scale solar power projects, to supply 19 MW of high-efficiency solar modules to the Allstedt I solar power plant in Halle, Germany.  The Allstedt I power plant should generate 19,030,000 kWh of electricity annually by the end of this year when it is connected to the grid.  The project will also reduce CO2 emissions by 266,381 tons over its expected 20 years of service.

“We are delighted to work with Solarhybrid as the exclusive module supplier to the Allstedt I solar power project,” said Dr. Peng Fang, CEO, JA Solar in a recent press release. “As this project demonstrates, demand and support for solar energy are strong in Germany. We look forward to working closely with Solarhybrid to ensure the success of this project and to take advantage of future growth opportunities in Germany and beyond.”

Since 2005, JA Solar has manufactured high-performing solar power products to sell worldwide and in 2010 established itself as the world leader in solar cell production shipping 1.46 GW over the course of the year.  Revenues for 2010 totaled $1.78 billion up 211% from 2009.  JA Solar was first in terms of solar cells produced and shipped globally in Q3 2010 according to reports published in SolarBuzz and IMS Research.

“Following a stringent supplier selection process, we are very pleased to choose JA Solar, a proven provider of industry leading solar products, as our partner for this project. JA Solar’s cost-effective, high-efficiency solutions will enable us to maximize the return on investment in this project. With JA Solar’s support, we look forward to opening the Allstedt I power plant by end of this year,” said Tom Schroder, CEO, Solarhybrid in the press release.

JA Solar ships its solar power products to solar manufacturers who assemble and integrate the solar cells into modules and systems designed to convert sunlight into electricity for utility-scale power generation.  The Solarhybrid deal is expected to reach approximately 40 MW of total modules shipped by 2011 which includes the 19MW to be used for the Allstedt I project.

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