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Iteris, Inc. (ITI) Signs Contract with Los Angeles Department of Public Works

Iteris, Inc., leader in traffic management advanced technology, recently announced that it has signed a contract with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works for the second phase of the El Segundo Advanced Traveler Information project. The contract, valued at $3.5 million, starts this month. It is expected to span a period of four years and will include deployment, operations, and maintenance.

Iteris’s project aims to provide commuters who work near the Los Angeles International Airport area with up-to-the minute traffic information to ease employee commute trips. The Phase 1 project results in the deployment of a highly successful pilot system, and Phase 2 will uphold the success by providing access to traffic information such as congestion levels, incidents, cameras via the Internet, automated voice reporting, and community access television. Personalized ATIS services will also enable travelers to register their own commute routes and receive updates on traffic conditions via e-mail.

The project marks a significant step forward over traditional 511 systems in that it allows travelers to subscribe for personalized services, in addition to the regular free services Iteris provides. The project also surpasses current traffic information systems by providing information on arterial traffic conditions – a critical aspect of a typical commute.

Mr. Abbas Mohaddes, president and CEO of Iteris, commented, “Iteris welcomes the County’s decision to press ahead with this next phase of the El Segundo Advanced Traveler Information project. The County clearly recognizes that the Iteris-provided technologies will benefit not only the nine million-plus residents of Los Angeles County, but all of Southern California. Iteris has been developing traveler information systems technologies for several years and we are grateful to continue our leadership role in helping the traveling public by providing congestion relief, improved mobility, and quality of life.”

Gail Farber, LA Department of Public Works director, added, “Los Angeles County has more traffic congestion than anywhere else in the nation. Opportunities to build highway capacity or create viable transit options are limited. Therefore, providing clear and consistent information of travel time is not only a smart business practice, it is mission critical.”

Ms. Farber continued, “The transportation management objective in our view is simple; to empower all motorists, whether commuting to work or going to the beach, with a tool that allows them to make better choices for travel alternatives and routes. This allows them to save time and money while improving the mobility and air quality condition of our region. Iteris provides us with the tools to make this objective possible and our goal is to demonstrate that the system can be operated, managed, and maintained by Iteris on a financially self-supporting basis.”

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