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Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc. (IDN) Receives Marine Corps Authority to Operate for Defense ID

Intellicheck Mobilisa Inc. is a technology company that develops and markets wireless technology and identity systems for various applications including mobile and handheld wireless devices for the commercial, government and military markets. One of the company’s products is the Defense ID system, an advanced ID card access control product currently protecting over 70 federal and military locations.

Intellicheck Mobilisa has received a US Marine Corps-wide “authority to operate”, or ATO, for its Defense ID product. While Defense ID has been in use at several Marine Corps bases across the country, the award of this system-wide certification now allows for procurement by all fifteen Marine Corps bases nationwide.

The Marine Corp-wide certification allows installations to access the benefits of the Defense ID system. The Marine Corps has recognized Defense ID as a solution for anti-terrorism, access control and force protection. The company’s system screens individuals prior to arriving at a base, runs a check against most wanted lists, and identifies an individual as authorized to enter a base.

Dr. Nelson Ludlow, CEO of Intellicheck Mobilisa, commented on receiving the ATO from the Marine Corps, “We believe the United States Marine Corps-wide ATO is a testament to the value and importance of our security system. It is especially rewarding to note that this is the third ATO we have received in five months, following accreditations from the US Army and Navy.”

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