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Innovative Card Technologies, Inc. (INVC) Announces Launch of Smart DisplayCard

March 24th, Innovative Card Tech. (“ITC”), a developer of a breakthrough authentication solution for electronic banking, buying, and data systems access, announced the launch of Smart DisplayCard, which is the first product to add functionalities to payment cards that enable dual-factor authentication in a convenient card form.

The ICT DisplayCard blends the security of a one-time passcode token directly into a card the size of a payment card. With a “push-button” design on the card, you press the button and a one-time passcode is displayed on the card itself. When you are performing an online transaction, you will enter this one-time passcode into the website, along with additional information such as your username and static PIN for a multifactor authentication and safety. The addition of a chip on the Smart DisplayCard enables PKI login, email encryption and digital signature capabilities that are fully blended with the ActivIdentity Software portfolio and are currently available to the ActivIdentity global customer base as well as the company’s 15+ million end users worldwide.

The ICT Smart DisplayCard secures a wide range of financial institution customer transactions for login and transfers online, by ATM, and by phone. Enterprises are provided a complete, strong authentication solution for Windows login, remote access, single sign-on and secure email transactions as well.

Thoma Jahn, CEO of ActivIdentity commented, “The Smart DisplayCard is the first time that the one-time passcode security of a token has been implemented alongside the authentication and encryption capabilities of PKI in such a unique form factor. This thin card can easily be stored in a user’s wallet, offering unprecedented convenience with the very latest in multi-channel authentication technology.”

Seven R. Delcarson, CEO and President of Innovative Card Technologies said, “I am proud of our technical team for accomplishing another world-first in authentication technology. I would also like to thank NagraID for embedding the chips into the ICT DisplayCard. This was a great three-way team effort. We are pleased to add the capabilities of ActivIdentity to the growing suite of authentication options offered with our ICT DisplayCard.”

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